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  • What is a Uniform Tax Rebate?

    If you wear a uniform or protective clothing to work and have to wash your work clothes at home or at a laundrette, without your employer contributing to the costs, then you are entitled to a tax rebate for the money you have spent laundering your own uniform.


    We help thousands of employees claim money back every month – so if you want to claim tax relief for washing your work clothes – then sign up today. If you want to find out more information then check out our FAQ, drop us an email, or connect with us on Facebook.

    Can I claim money back from past employment?

    Yes – It doesn’t matter if you no longer wear a uniform, you can still claim a rebate for the years where you have had to wash or launder work clothes. There is, however, a limit to how far back you can claim – HMRC will only provide a tax rebate based on the last four years of employment.  

    How much money will I get?

    The amount you will receive will vary depending on what industry you work in, as well as how many years you have been wearing a uniform. The average pay out is £185, but we have helped clients claim rebates of over £1,000.


    If you still have to wear a uniform at work, and wash it yourself – then we can also ensure you pay less income tax each month by placing you on the correct tax code that takes into account your laundry costs. Some industries and job roles have a higher tax relief rate, allowing you to claim even more money – click here for more information.


    How do I make a claim?

    Making a uniform tax rebate claim is quick and easy. Simply enter your details in the form above and we will send you over an online form to sign and complete. Once the form is complete, we contact HMRC directly and start the tax rebate process within 24 hours.


    You can choose to receive your tax rebate by Cheque, bank transfer or PayPal. Not only will we send you a lump sum, but we will also ensure you pay less income tax each month to cover any future laundry costs.


    What do I need to make a claim?

    In order to make a claim you will need your National Insurance number, and details of current and past employment. Unfortunately, if you have made a claim for a uniform tax rebate in the past, then you won’t be able to make a claim again  

    How much do you charge?

    If we aren't successful in making a claim - we won't charge you a penny! We also don't charge for any future income tax savings you will make from the uniform tax relief either. We work on a no win no fee basis. If we are successful then we charge a flat rate fee of 15% with a minimum of £35 + VAT. We don't expect you to pay upfront and only charge after we have secured your rebate.


    For example: £500 rebate - £75 (15% fee) = £425 sent direct to your bank account, PayPal account or via cheque.

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  • Claiming a rebate was easy. Having worked in the catering industry for five years - I didn't realise I could get tax relief on the money I had spent washing my chef whites. UniformTaxClaim.co.uk handled everything on my behalf and sent me a nice cheque at the end of it. I have also had my tax allowance increased to cover any future washing costs!
    Dave Price - Clapham,London